Journal number - 4

Farzona as a Worthy Successor of the Traditions of the Great Persian-Tajik Poetry

Джурабаев Джамшед Хабибуллоевич

Certain Issues of Localization and Toponymy of the Cities and Towns of Ustrushana in the Works of pre-Revolutionary Russian Explorers

Rakhimov Nabijohn Turdialiyevich, Ayubov Abdusalom Raufovich

Historical sciences and archeology

Nodira-begim as a Representative of Kokand School Poetry and a State Votary

Tursunov Buston Rahmonovich

Historical sciences and archeology

Cultural Heritage of Tajiks: Chronological Review in Combination with Artefacts

Usmonov Ayub Islomovich

Historical sciences and archeology

Utilization of Local Materials for Activization of Educational Process in Physics

Abdumannonov Abduali,Karimova Farogat

Methods of teaching

Reflection of the Teacher`s Image in the Pedagogical Herritage of Persian-Tajik Thinkers

Gulmadov Faiz

Methods of teaching

John Locke on Encouragement and Punishment

Khojanazarov Abdurashid Kushnazarovich

Methods of teaching

On the Issue of Forming the System of Aesthetic Education of Pupils

Ruziyeva Mavlyuda Davronovna

Methods of teaching

On Some Issues Related to Definition of Essence, Contents and Didactic Principles

Abdurakhmonov Rakhmonjohn Isobekovich

Methods of teaching

“Sebarga” – “Three Leaves” (Trefoil) of Poetess Farzona`s Heart

Sultanova Elvira Vladimirovna

Philological sciences

Evolation and Renovation of Traditions of Bedil`s Literary School on Farzona`s Creation

Nurov Nurali

Philological sciences

Farzona`s Dawn

Rakhimov Islomjohn Usmondjonovich

Philological sciences
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