Recommendation on Preparation of Article


Resume (annotion) in a periodical edition is a source of the information concerned with the contents of the article and expounding the results of the exploration.

Resume fulfills the following functions:

It enables to ascertain the main contents of the document‚ to determine its relevance and to decide if it is worth invoking the full text of the document;

It presents information about the document obviating a need of reading the full text of the document if the latter is of secondary importance for a reader;

It is used for a quest of documents and information in informational systems‚ automatized ones inclusive.

Resume to an article should be:

 - informative (not to contain common words);

 - original;

 - rich in content (to reflect basic contents of an article and results of explorations);

 - structurized (to be consecutive with the logic of the results described)

 - compact (to be kept within the volume in the range of 100-250 words)

Resume includes the following aspects in regard to the contents of an article:

 - subject-matter‚ objective of the work;

 - methods or methodology of conducting the work;

 - results of the work;

 - the field of applications of results;

 - conclusion.

Consecutiveness of expounding can be changed; you may begin with results and conclusion.

Subject-matter‚ theme‚ objective of the work are indicated if they are not clear from the title.

Results of the work are described utterly accurately and informatively. Hereby preference is given to new results and data of long-term importance‚ significant discoveries‚ conclusions refuting existing theories and also to those ones which‚ in author`s opinions‚ are practically important.

Conclusions may be covered with recommendations‚ assessments‚ suggestions‚ hypotheses described in the article.

Historic references not pertaining to the basic content of the document‚ description of earlier published works and provisions of common knowledge are not adduced in a resume.

In the text of a resume one should use syntactical constructions inherent in the language of scientific works‚ evade compound grammatical constructions.

 Significant words from an article should be present in a resume.