The Contribution of Foreign Researchers into the Study of Sarasm

Rahimov Nabijon Turdialievich

Historical sciences and archeology

Heroic Defence of Mahram Fortress and its Importance in the History of Kokand Khanate

Tursunov Buston Rakhmonovich

Historical sciences and archeology

Muhammad Saifiddinovich Osimi at the Post of a Minister of Education of the Tajik SSR: 1962-1965

Pulatova Munzifa Abdusattorovna

Historical sciences and archeology

Peculiarities of Formation and Development of the Bodies for Environmental Protection in Sughd Viloyat

Husainov Muhammadjon Salohuddinovich

Historical sciences and archeology

On the Motive of One of Rudaki`s Rubai

Uldoshev Abdulla Kurbonmamatovich

Philological sciences

Literary Critique in two Poets` Discussion

Azamzod S. (Azamov S.)., Rajabov B.

Philological sciences

Comparative Analisys Beset with the Images of Women in “Shoh-Name” by Abulkosim Firdawsi and Abumansur Saolibi Nishopui

Rizoeva Rukhsora Burkhonovna

Philological sciences

Inculcation of the Law on the State Language into Legislation

Shokirov Tugral Sirodgevich

Philological sciences

On General Character of Use of some Kinds of Terms Designing Relationship and their Functional-Semantic Peculiarities in Languages of Different Grammatical Structures

Egamnazarov Hamza Haknazarovich

Philological sciences

Ancient Words in the System of Toponyms Spread in Sadai Miyona Area Referring to Mountainous Matcha

Odinayev Abdumannon

Philological sciences

Implicit Means of Expressing Cause-Effect Relations in Infinitive and Gerundial Constructions in English and Tajik Languages

Eshankulova Muslima Bakhtiyorovna

Philological sciences

Some Considerations Beset with Present Tenses in English and Tajik Languages

Ismatulloev Husenboy Ochilovich

Philological sciences
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