Diplomatic Relations of Kokand Khanate with Tsin Empire

Tursunov Buston Rakhmonovich

Historical sciences and archeology

The Role of Teachers Intelligentsia of Tajikistan Republic in Implementation of the Reform in the Educational System (1991-2011)

Mansurova Munzifa Akmalovna

Historical sciences and archeology

Dynamics of Further Relations between Tajikistan Republic and Turkmenistan (2002-2012)

Farmonova Dilrukhsor Jumaboevna

Historical sciences and archeology

Etymology of the Words «истина/ҳақиқат/truth», «добро/некӣ/good», «красота/зебоӣ/beauty» in Tajik and Russian Languages

Umarova Farangis Komiljonovna

Philological sciences

On the Role of Similar Component in Complex Word-Building

Savriniso Ganizoda

Philological sciences

Some Views Concerned with the Vocabulary (Stock of Word) of “Jahon-name”

Ghiyosov Nurullo Ismatovich, Kadirova Firuza Rustamovna

Philological sciences

Polysemy of Composites of “Tatpurusha” Type in Bedil’s Poetry (on the example of the composites “Tajik word+Tajik word”)

Olimjonov Muso Obidovich

Philological sciences

The Connection between Multifunctional Auxiliary Elements of the Language of the Monuments of the X-XIII Centuries with Southern Vernaculars of the Tajik Language

Kurgonov Zohid Dehqonovich

Philological sciences

The Role of the Complex Somatic in Farrukhi Sistoni`s Poetry

Abdulloeva Gulnoza

Philological sciences

Spiritual Regeneration and its Influence over Sanai’s Poetry

Solehov Mirzo Odinayevich

Philological sciences

Structural and Compositional framing of “Reminiscences” by Sadriddin Aini

Shamshodi Jamshed

Philological sciences

Use of the Principle of Composing Teskire in “Reminiscences” by Sadriddin Aini

Abdulloev Romezdzhon Kholmuminovich

Philological sciences
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