Djabbor Rasulov's Role in Agriculture Development in Tajikistan

Temirov Khushruzjohn Zarifovich

Historical sciences and archeology

Reflection of Khorezm Historic Onomastics in Aburaykhon's Beruni's Works

Boboyev Yusuf Abdulkhatovich

Historical sciences and archeology

Paradoxical Descriptions in Bedyl's Gazels

Nurov Nurali

Philological sciences

Some Consideration Concerning Attribution of Ainulkuzat Khamadani's Literary Productions

Zoirov Khalimjohn

Philological sciences

Some Considerations on Translation of Poetical Texts (on the Examples of the Translations of Literary Productions of the X-th - XII- th Centuries)

Khamroboyev, Nasimjohn Abdullojohnovich

Philological sciences

On the Textology of One Mukhammas by Zoir Khujandi Written to Bedil`s Gazel

Homidova Shamsiya Mirzorustamovna

Philological sciences

English Flectional Homomorphe “-er” and its Equiualents in the Tajik Language

Usmonova Malohat Ekhsonovna

Philological sciences

Thematic Classification of Specific Musical Terminology in Russian and Tajik Languages

Eshmatova, Ilmiya Sakhobidinovna

Philological sciences

Syndetic and Asydentic Connection of Compound Sentence Parts in Russian and Tajik

Abdulloyeva Sanoatkhon Sharifovna

Philological sciences

Synchronic-Correlative Study of Logico-Grammatical Relations in Word-Combinations in Languages of Different Structures

Sheronov Boyirboy Gaziboyevich

Philological sciences

Some Notes on the Peculiarities Concerned with the Translation of "Masnavi Manavi" PhUs into Russian and English Languages

Muminova Shakhnoza

Philological sciences

The Process of Conjunctionalization in the Tajik Language

Solidkhodjayeva Shakhozakhon Anvarkhodjayevna

Philological sciences
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