Journal number - 4

«Orthography of the Tajik language. The Most Important Rules» (1940) and its Place in the Formation of Tajik Language Spelling

Khomidova Zamirakhon Abduhafizovna

Philological sciences

«Sociological Imperialism» as a Problem of Modern Social Sciences: pro and contra

Orekhov Andrey Mikhailovich

Philosophical sciences

Everyday Life of Craftsmen – Breadbaking Producers of Khujand-City Referring to the Period of the End of the XIX-th – the Beginning of the XX-Th Centuries (on the examples of bakers)

Makhsudova Mahfuza Gufronovna

Historical sciences and archeology

Peculiarities of Ozarakhsh`s Gazeles and his Mastership Beset with the Creation of Redif

Sharifov Shodikul Hasanovich

Philological sciences

The Names of Celestial Bodies in the Poem «Seven Beauties» by Nizami Ganjavi

Bobojohnova Dilbarjohn Abdumuminova

Philological sciences

Diversity of Loik Sherali`s Descriptive-Depictive Poems

Hakimov Askar

Philological sciences

The Degree of Coincidence of Tajik Proverbs and Sayings Close by Contents with their Analogues in Russian and English Languages

Nazarova Zarina Abdukhamitovna

Philological sciences

The Tale about Jesus and tts Interpretation in «Tadge-at-Tarojim» by Shokhfur Isfaroyini

Akhmadova Umeda

Philological sciences

From the History of Archery in Tajikistan

Kasymova Manizha

Historical sciences and archeology

Some Considerations in Regard to the Evolution of Meanings in Reference to the Word «Palita/Fatila»

Khodjayeva Muqaddas Olimovna

Philological sciences

Semantic Shades of Key Words in Amir Umarkhan`s Gazels

Okhunjahnova Nurikhon Rahmatovna

Philological sciences

Creation and Activities of New Types of Schools in Sughd Viloyat in the Period of Tajikistan Independence

Khamidov Rasul Abdukadirovich

Historical sciences and archeology
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