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«Orthography of the Tajik language. The Most Important Rules» (1940) and its Place in the Formation of Tajik Language Spelling


Khomidova Zamirakhon Abduhafizovna


The article dwells on the peculiarities related to preparation and adoption of the first «Orthography of the Tajik Language», its most important rules (1940) considered as the first period of Tajik spelling after the transition of the alphabet from Latin into Cyrillic. After the scrupulous study of the introduced orthography the author comes to the conclusion that the bulk of the provisions from «Orthography of the Tajik Language» have been functioning without alterations in Modern Tajik of today; the fact testifying to a right scientific approach of experts towards this cause in 1940. It is noted either that in the process of the elaboration of the first «Orthography of the Tajik Language» the interests of the language in question did not always reign supreme; due to this the majority of today`s unsolved orthographical problems are traced back to the first work concerned with Tajik spelling in Cyrillic.


orthography of the Tajik language, alphabet, Cyrillic script of Tajik,  Arabic script, Roman type, orfography of the Tajik language being the pattern of 1940 


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Publication date

Tuesday, 17 January 2017