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Diversity of Loik Sherali`s Descriptive-Depictive Poems


Hakimov Askar


The article is the analysis of how nature is depicted in Loik`s creation, in all its evincements it is a symbol of eternity in comparison with man`s life encompassing a certain period of time only. In descriptive-depictive poetry of every people natural environment generating this or that year season turns out to be a big subject of poetical portrayal. In this case personal anxieties of a poet are not without meaning, certain season of the year may be loved more than other three expressing his creative intentions to a much fuller measure. The author of the article points that in Loik`s creation it is connected not only with the peculiarities of this or that season, but with the state of the society the author implies either. The poet masterfully uses the elements and sights of the natural world for a tangible incarnation of his lyrical meditations that puts his poems into the row of the best descriptive-depictive poetries


descriptive-depictive poetry, nature, sight, season of the year, world of subjects, world of things, imaginative artistic means, metaphor, assimilation, personification, detail, depiction 


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Publication date

Tuesday, 17 January 2017