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Semantic Shades of Key Words in Amir Umarkhan`s Gazels


Okhunjahnova Nurikhon Rahmatovna


The article dwells on the study of application of artistic images in the poetry on the example of the creations of the outstanding poet of the XIX-th century, the representative of Kokand literary circle, Amir Umarkhon, who enriched literature with a new palette of colorful images and notions. The author canvasses the issues related to the usage of well-known traditional classical belles-lettres images as follows: assimilation, simile, reminiscence, peculiar vocabulary; the following belles-lettres devices refer to expressiveness: epithet, istiara, assimilation, antitheses for imparting inner psychological state. The author of the article explored a new especial application of uncombinable concepts and words by Amir Umarkhan the fact testifying to his great poetical mastership. 


literature of the XVIII-th – the XIX-th centuries, Kokand literary circle, Amir Umarkhon, artistic image, belles-lettres device, phraseological unit


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Publication date

Tuesday, 17 January 2017