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The Names of Celestial Bodies in the Poem «Seven Beauties» by Nizami Ganjavi


Bobojohnova Dilbarjohn Abdumuminova


This article is focused on onomastic vocablulary where the author analyzes the names of celestial bodies by the examples of the poem «Seven Beauties» by Nizami Ganjavi. It is well known that Nizami Ganjavi was one of the famous scientists of his time and had a vast knowledge of astronomy. The names of celestial bodies often used in the mentioned poem testify to the deep scientific knowledge of the poet in this scientific field. The analysis has show that Nizami Ganjavi masterfully used both primordial and borrowed onomastic vocabulary giving greater preference to native proper names when necessary. By means of artful usage of the former the poet succeeded in having portrayed the heroines` lives occupying his literary production.


«Seven Beauties», Nizami Ganjavi, celestial bodies, constellation, seven words, proper names, astronomy, onomastics, feature antroponomics, cosmology  


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Tuesday, 17 January 2017