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Some Considerations in Regard to the Evolution of Meanings in Reference to the Word «Palita/Fatila»


Khodjayeva Muqaddas Olimovna


The article dwells on the etymological analysis dealing with the meanings of the word «patila/fatila». Proceeding from the assumption of the materials referring to the mediaeval interpretation dictionaries the author makes an endeavor to clarify the ways of penetration of the word «palita/fatila» into Tajik and Arabic languages. It is confirmed that the Assyrian word «palita» could have penetrated into both Tajik and Arabic languages irrespectively. After the establishment of Islam the Arabized form of the word «fatila» penetrated into Tajik where up to now its functions alongside with the primordial truncated form «pilta». She admits a hypothesis concerned with the penetration of the word «palita» at first into the Tajik language and later on from the Tajik into Arabic with subsequent «return» into the Tajik in the Arabized form «fatila». It is stressed that the Assyrian form «palita/pilta» and the Arabized «fatila» are included into an active word-stock of the Tajik language. Designing on the premise of modern interpretation dictionaries the author considers the usage of the word «palita/fatila» in Modern Persian language. 


historical lexicology, etymology of the word palita/fatila, «Latoif-ul-amsol» by Rashid-ad-din Vatvot, mediaeval interpretation dictionaries, Assyrian language, Arabic language, Persian-Tajik language


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Tuesday, 17 January 2017