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The Tale about Jesus and tts Interpretation in «Tadge-at-Tarojim» by Shokhfur Isfaroyini


Akhmadova Umeda


The article dwells on the peculiarities concerned with the tale about Jesus Christ in Shokhfur Isfarayini`s «Tadge at-Tarojim» (XIIc.). It is asserted that though the tale in question is not distinguished with substantiality it possesses a specific attractiveness. In the stories about Jesus Christ Isfaroyini uses devices non-occurred in other commentaries to Koran.

 The author pays special attention to the role of commentaries, in particular, to «Todge at-Tarojim», to spread tales about Jesus Christ in the Persian-Tajik literature. Proceeding from numerous examples from the creation of the outstanding representatives of the Persian-Tajik literature, as Djaloliddin Rumi, Khokani Sharvani and others, the author proves that the episodes from the lives of Jesus and Maria served as a basic for the creation of very interesting patterns referring to the trope of allusion. It is marked that these were the tales about  the Immaculate Conception  and miracle related to Christ that attracted mostly Persian-Tajik poets; that being his resurrection from the dead.


Jesus Christ, «Tadge at Tarojim», Shokhfur Isfaroyini, commentaries to Koran, Djaloluddin Rumi, Khakani, Sharvoni, literary ties 


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Publication date

Tuesday, 17 January 2017