Journal number - 4

Consideration on the Place and Role of Subordinate Conjunctions in «Tuhfat-ul-Khoni» by Muhammad Vafo Karminagi

Ashrapov Bahodurjon Pulotovich

Philological sciences

The Epoch of Aryan Civilization Triumph

Hasanov Abdujamol

Philological sciences

To the History of Women's Sports in Tajikistan: Archery

Kasymova Manizha Sohibjonovna

Historical sciences and archeology

Word-Building of Somatic Vocabulary Based on the Lexeme “Dil” (heart) in the Poetry by Farzona

Alisherzoda Farzona

Philological sciences

Long-Expected Edition. Review to Sayfuddin Isfaranghi`s Book “Selected Works”

Sameev Abdumavlon


Some Issues of Ethnogenesis, Ethnocultural Processes and Formation of Toponyms of Ancient and Early Medieval Ferghana

Аюбов Абдусалом Рауфович

Historical sciences and archeology

On Water Supply System and Some Engineering and Manufacturing Erections of the XIX-th – the XX-th Centuries on the Territory of Tajikistan

Mamajanova Saliya Mamajanovna

Historical sciences and archeology

Somatisms in the Idioms of Kamol Khujandi`s Poetry

Sobirova Muhbira Ahmadova

Philological sciences

Sociology of Property: how Must it Study Property?

Neugodnikov Alexey Pavlovich,

Philosophical sciences

Historiography of Mutual Relations between Tajikistan Republic and OSCE

Solikhodjayeva Saidakhon Anvarkhodjayevna

Historical sciences and archeology

Review of Suleymani`s Work “Arabic-Tajik Dictionary”

Ghiyasov Nurullo Ismatovich


Poetical Devices of Using Mystical Word-Combinations Inherent in Indian Culture in Bedil`S “Divan”

Nurali Nurov

Philological sciences
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