Journal number - 1

The Issues of Toponymy and Localization of the Capital Cities of Ferghana in Chinese Sources and Modern Historiography

Ayubov Abdusalom Raufovich

Historical sciences and archeology

Perfect Tenses in Modern English and Tajik Languages

Ismatulloev Husenboy Ochilovich

Philological sciences

Grammatical Categories of Non-Finite Forms of Verbs in English and Tajik Languages

Ibraghimova Rano Abdushukurovna

Philological sciences

Ahmad Jom`s Prosaic Heritage

Mirzohofiziyon Mehrafkan Mirzohofiz

Philological sciences

Some Considerations Related to Loik Sherali`s Activity Concerned with Translation

Hamidova Nargis Sharifjohnovna

Philological sciences

Socio-Political Conditions of " Kyrgyz Radiosu" Development at the Present Stage

Sultanova Zhypar Omorovna

Philological sciences

Occasionalisms in Farzona`s «Divan»

Ganizoda Savriniso

Philological sciences

Peculiarities of Usage of the Stylistic Device of Simile in Belles Lettres Texts

Sayfitdinova Munira Rahmatovna

Philological sciences

Association between Several Lexemes Referring to Pronouns in “The History of Masud” and Contemporary Vernaculars of the Tajik Language

Azimova Umeda Abdumavlonovna

Philological sciences

Some Considerations Concerned with Etymolgy of Zoonyms Designating Domestic Animals in Nizami Gyandjevi’s “Hamsa”

Bobojonova Dilbarjohn Abdumuminovna

Philological sciences

The Fate of some Forgotten Primordial Tajik Words in the English Language

Khikmatulloyeva Naimahon Anvarkhodjayevna

Philological sciences

The Influence of Pekhlevi Prose Upon Abulhamid Katib’s Epistolary Legacy and its Development in Arabic and Persian-Tajik Literatures

Shokirov Djamshed Valiyevich

Philological sciences
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