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The first PreservedАйнї С. Ахгари инќилоб. -Душанбе: Ирфон, 1974.- С.108. Interpretation Dictionary with Examples

Ziyaev Khurshedjohn Makhshulovich

Philological sciences

From the History of Gurids` State Conformation in Khorasan (1152-1206)

Sharipov Muhamad Marufovich,Toatov Habibullo Saidovich

Historical sciences and archeology

Historic Sources as A Mirror of Ancestors` Life

Djurazade Djamshed Khabibullo

Historical sciences and archeology

About the Ancientest Persian Translation of the Book «Rabi Al-Abror» by Zamakhshari

Hamroboev Nasimjon Abdullojonovich

Philological sciences

Scientific Cognition and Systemic Approach

Dekhkanova Gulchekhra Nabidjanovna

Philosophical sciences

Some Aspects of the History of «Shashmakom» first Musical Sheet in Researchers` Works

Akramova Sanavbar Khayrulloyevna

Historical sciences and archeology

Some Aspects Beset with the Development of Modern Clothes of Tajiks (traditions and innovations)

Bobojanova Nazira In`omjonovna

Historical sciences and archeology

Some Issues Concerned with Socialism Nature in Russia

Razakov Ruslan Chupan-Magomedovich

Historical sciences and archeology

Peculiarities of Elevation of Sughdian-Turkic Interrelation in Early Middle Ages

Ayubov Abdusalom Raufovich

Historical sciences and archeology

On the Issue of Edition of the Works on the History of Persian-Tajik of Iran Language

Ismoilov Olimkhoja Burhonkhojaevich

Philological sciences

Tajik Linear Measures of Length Referring to the End of the XVIII-th - the Beginning of the XX-th Centuries

Kholov Mahmudjon Sharipovich

Historical sciences and archeology

The Influence of Hofiz`s Creative Style on the Structure and Content of Said Djafar`s Poetry

Okhoniyozov Abdurakhmon Dustovich

Philological sciences
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