Journal number - 4

Reflection of Yusuf`s Image in Nazir Nishoppuri`s Gazels

Muhammadzoda, Obidjon Beknazar

Philological sciences

Functions and Semantics of Prepositions and Conjunctions in "Masnavi Ma'navi by Djaloliddin Rumi

Kurgonov Zohid Dehqonovich

Philological sciences

Words Designating Birds in Nizami Gandzhavi's "Pentalogy" and their Interpretation in Dictionaries

Bobodjanova Dilbarjohn Abdumuminovna

Philological sciences

Explicit Means of Expressions of the Relation of Cause and Sequence in English and Tajik Languages

Yusupova Manzurajon Ibragimjonovna

Philological sciences

Reflection of Sad-Holiday in the Works of Persian-Tajik Poets (IX-X Centuries) Written in Arabic

Homidiyon Hikmatshoh Komili

Philological sciences

Evincement of Some Peculiarities of Syntactical Connections (Grammatical) and their Logical Grounds in Tajik and Uzbek Languages

Sheronov Boyirboy Gaziboyevich

Philological sciences

From the History of Feminine Entrepreneurship in Agrarian Sphere of Tajikistan at the Junction of the XX-th - the XXI-st Centuies

Bobokulova Mahliyo Abdusattorovna

Historical sciences and archeology

Art Depiction Practice and Compositional Progression of Phraseological units in the Process of their Semantic Structures Format

Mirzokhonova Matluba Mirzohashimovna

Philological sciences

Conception of Individual in Publiscistic Text

Zaripova, Shahnoza Tohirovna

Philological sciences

Lexico-Grammatical Models of Artistic Speech Expressiveness and their Logical Semantic Structures

Dusmatova Shahlo Valievna

Philological sciences

The Role of Indian Borrowings in the Formation of "Tatpurusha" type Composites in Bedil's Poetry

Olimjonov Muso Obidovich

Philological sciences

Adverbial Conjunctionalized Connective Words in Tajik and Uzbek Languages

Solidkhodjayeva Shakhozakhon Anvarkhodjayevna

Philological sciences
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