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The Peculiarities of Translation of Historical Chronicles on the Example of «The Book of Conquest» Done by Ibn Asam


Hamroboev Nasimjon Abdullojonovich


The article dwells on the problem of translation of historical treatises from Arabic into Persian on the example of one of the most authoritative chronicles of the XII-th century - «Kitob al-Futuh» (The Book of Conquests» done by Ibn Asam. The author divides the book into two parts: the first part unites the chronicles in which the data about all Islamic countries is expounded, such as «Futuh al-Buldon» (The Conquest of Countires) by Ahmad ibn Yakhya Balozuri. The second part unites the chronicles devoted to the conquest of certain cities and regions. To the second group the author appertains «The Book of Conquest» by Ibn Asam known also under the titles «Tarjumai «Tarikhi Asami Kufi» (The Translation of «Asam Kufi`s Story»), «Futuhoti Shom» (The Conquest of Syria), «Futuhi Asam» (The Book of Asam`s Conquests), «Tarikhi Futuh» (The History of Conquests) and describing the events of the 30-ies – the 80-ies.

The author analyzes also the lives and scientific activities of Ibn Asam and Muhammad Khiravi; the latter being the translator of the chronicle; he correlates the style and manner of reproduction of both the original and the Persian translation.


«The Book of Conquest», Ibn Asam, Muhammad Khiravi, Muhammad Mobidge nobady, translation from Arabic into Persian, Vokidi, meaningful translation


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Tuesday, 17 January 2017