Journal number - 3

Ethnocultural Aspects of Utilization of Traditional Knives by Tajiks (in the light of the data of written sources and literature in the Russian language referring to the period of the XVI-th – the beginning of the XX-th centuries)

Tursunov Nazirjohn Ochilovich

Economic sciences

Principal Reasons and Stages of Tajiks` Emigration beyond their Motherland Baundaries

Ismoilova Bisaboat

Historical sciences and archeology

Significance of Festivals of Friendship and Walking Tours to Historical Sites in Strengthening Youth Friendly Relations (the 60th – the early 90th of the XX century)

Nabiyev Vahob Mashrafovich

Historical sciences and archeology

Issues Regarding the Number of Medrasas of Old Eastern Bukhara at the End of XIX-th and the beginning of XX-th Centuries

Ubaidulloev Nasrullo Karimovich

Historical sciences and archeology

Colour Range of Khujand Abra Fabrics of the XIX-th – XX-th Centuries

Khakimova Nori Amirovna

Historical sciences and archeology

Comparative Pedagogics аnd its Role in the Development of International Collaboration

Karimova Irina Kholovna

Methods of teaching

Monitoring of Students` Knowledge in Educational Process

Shermatov Shavkat Mamajonovich, Yusupov Siddikboy,

Methods of teaching

Jami`s Outlook in Reference to Politics and Statal Frameworks

Jurabayev Jamshed Khabibullayevich, Ghiyasov Nurullo Ismatovich

Politics sciences

The Entering of Sughdian Diplomacy into the World Arena in the Times of Turkic Caganate (VI-VIIcc.)

Mamadazimov Abdugani

Politics sciences

On the Sources of Abdurakhman Jami`s Poem “Yusuf and Zuleykha”

Akhmadov Mirzokhabib

Philological sciences

The Usage of Verbal Suffixces in the Poetry by Abdurakhmon Jami

Tillyakhodjayeva Mukhabbat Nabijonovna

Philological sciences

On the Way of Conveyance of Russian Verbal Prefix c-/со - in to Tajik

Azizova Mаvdjuda Esanovna

Philological sciences
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