Journal number - 2

Karmats and their Influence over the Political Life of the Period Referring to the Governance of Samanides and Gaznevids

Kalandarov Khokim Safarbekovich

Historical sciences and archeology

On the Issue of Emancipation of Females-Muslimes in Middle Asia in the second Half of the ХIХ-th – the Beginning of the 20-th Centuries (on the material of Turkestan collection)

Mirmamatova Raykhona Abdurasulovna, Mamadaliyev Inomjohn Abdusattorovich

Historical sciences and archeology

The Historic Experience of Tajikistan Republic Policy in Elevation of Woman`s Legal Status in Society

Yusupova Zarina Sharofitdinovna

Historical sciences and archeology

The Issues of Tajiks` History and Culture in Early Works by M.S. Andreyev

Ikromov Nazirkhon Ashurbayevich

Historical sciences and archeology

Contribution of Medical Workers of Tajikistan into the Treatment of Patients and Wounded Warriors in the Years of the Great Patriotic War

Karimova Mavlyuda Ulmaskhodjayevna

Historical sciences and archeology

Reflection of Mediaeval Anthroponyms of Tajiks in the Treatise «Four Conversations» by Nizami Aruzi Samarkandi

Burkhonov Saidorif Saidmukhamadovich

Historical sciences and archeology

Systematization of Knowledge Base in Informational Systems

Beskebeyev Kalychbek Djetmishbayevich

Methods of teaching

Tiution to Sports Games and Physical Development of Youth in the Epoch of Sasanides` Governance

Safarov Shodi

Methods of teaching

Creation of Successful Pedagogics of Situations in the Process of Pupils` Educational Activities

Bulbulov Djuma, Bulbulov Djuma

Methods of teaching

Formation of Pupils` Communicative Competence at the Lessons of the Russian Language

Negmatova Mukhbirakhon Mirzokhodjayevna

Methods of teaching

Principal Streanlines of Foreign Policy of Tajikistan Republic at the Contemporary Stage

Alimov Bonurjon Homidovich

Politics sciences

National Self-Conscionsness from Sotim Ulug-zade`s Viewpoint

Sirodjiddini Emomali

Philological sciences
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