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Sultonova G. A.


The dictionary “Majma-ul-Furs” Sururi Koshoni uses considerable numbers of witness verses by the poets who lived in the 10th century. The relevant verses were evaluated from the dictionary and compared with critical copies, various editions of collection of compositions of poets referring to the mentioned century. Finding out the differences between the texts based on reliable dictionaries, like “Lughati Furs” by Asadi Tusi, “Sihoh-al-Furs” by Muhammad ibn Hindushohi Nakhjuvoni, “Persian Dictionary” by Husayn Vafoi, “Rashidi`s Dictionary” by Abdurrashid Tattavi, the article corrects and edits the witness verses, and reveals their change of meaning. As a result, the scientific and literary value of “Farhangi Sururi”is identified. The result of comparison of texts clarifies that Sururi’s “Majma-ul-Furs” is a reliable literary source, like other famous Persian dictionaries.



“Majma-ul-furs”, dictionaries, witness verses, comparison of copies, critique and correction, versified divan, poetic verse, change of meaning



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Friday, 17 November 2023