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Sharipova Sh. M.


According to the unanimous recognition of experts, the translation of Saadi’s “Bustan” by Konstantin Ivanovich Chaikin (1889-1938), a famous Russian Iranian-studies scholar, was carried out at a very high professional level and has no equal both in terms of the adequacy of the translation and in terms of artistic performance. The features of the use of Arabic, Tajik and Turkic words borrowed by the Russian language in the translation of “Bustan” are analyzed. Borrowed vocabulary is divided into groups according to origin: Tajik words, Arabic words, Turkic borrowings. It is emphasized that some Tajik borrowings entered into the Russian language in an Arabized form (muarrab). It was revealed that the translator often uses borrowed vocabulary: dervish, shah, padishah, although these words are not used in the original. For example, K.I. Chaikin uses the borrowed Tajik word “padishah” when translating the synonymous series “shakhriyor” (ruler), “shahanshah”, “khudovand” (lord), “khusrav” (emperor), “malik” (sovereign), “farmondeh” (ruler). An interesting fact has been revealed that in the translation of “Bustan” the borrowed word “turban” is used which is a distorted form of the Tajik word “dulband”, which, with the exception of Muin’s “Persian Dictionary”, is not recorded in any of the medieval and modern explanatory dictionaries available to us, that is, in it is not used in modern literary Tajik language. It is emphasized that K.I. Chaikin sometimes uses borrowed words in a figurative meaning, which is not recorded in Russian language dictionaries.


К.I. Chaikin, «Bustan» Saadi, Russian translation, borrowing words (Tajik, Arabic, Turkic) in Russian language, Arabism form of the word (Arab), adequacy of translation


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Friday, 17 November 2023