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Sharipov V.A.


Thearticlebrieflyliststhetranslations, namingEuropeanandRussiantranslatorsofthegreatpoemShahnamebyAbulkasimFirdawsi. It is noted that an integral part of Firdaws studies are translations of the famous masterpiece of Persian-Tajik literature. Data on the first scientific publications of the Shahname in Europe and Russia are presented. Particular emphasis is placed on Russian translations of the poem; it is emphasized that V. A. Zhukovsky, A. Gruzinsky, M. M. Dyakonov, M. Lozinsky, S. Sokolov, V. Derzhavin, S. Lipkin were involved in translations of the Shahname into Russian , Ts. Banu-Lahuti, V. G. Berznev. Based on an analytical and critical examination of the literature on the research topic, the conclusion is presented that interest in the brilliant creation of A. Firdawsi in the 20th and first quarter of the 21st centuries is growing noticeably.


“Shahname” by A. Firdawsi, Firdawsi studies, Russian translations, translators, V. A. Zhukovsky, M. Lozinsky, Ts. Banu-Lahuti


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Wednesday, 17 January 2024