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Rajabov B. M.


The article deals with the issues concerned with material and spiritual life in the journalistic works belonging to the pen of the powerful poet who lived in the second half of the 20th century - Loiq Sherali. While considering L. Sherali`s first series of articles devoted to the restoration of national traditions, the author of the article came to the conclusion that they had a significant impact on the revival, expansion of national rituals and ceremonies of Tajiks in response to the needs of that time. It is noted that the poet speaks about fast developing social, economic and political crisis in majority of articles written in the period of transformation (perstroyka), and considers Gorbachev’s transformation (perestroyka) very needed for the Soviet community. L. Sherali thought more about the actual issues beset with social and spiritual life of the nation and country, and constantly encouraged the people, especially the intellectuals to think more in the way of the formation of their own spiritual world and to find answers to the problems the society faced.


creativity of Loik Sherali, Gorbachev’s transformation (perestroyka), cultural processes, journalism, national rites and rituals, national traditions


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