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Preservation of the peculiarities of lexical elements of “Badoe-al-vahoye” in contemporary lexical vernaculars


Hasanzoda A.


The author explores the connection of the language of the beautiful paragon referring to the memoir literature of Middle Ages being one of the outstanding works of the XVI-th century with contemporary Tajik vernaculars. Designing on the premise of rich factological material from the work by Zainiddin Vosifi, the author convincingly proves that though a part of lexical elements of the century overstepped the limited norms, however, they preserved in Tajik vernaculars of different regions and Tajik-speaking enclaves of foreign countries in the forms close to primordial ones or in altered variants.In the course of the analysis it has been established that in contemporary Tajik vernaculars there preserved not only concrete meanings of lexical and compound words, but some meanings of words being polysemantic in their time either.


“Badoe-al-vahoye” by Zainiddin Vosifi, legacy of ancestors, Tajik vernaculars (southern, south-eastern, northern), evolution of form and semantics, ancient meaning, primordial Tajik words, Arabic borrowings


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Wednesday, 24 February 2021