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Use of the Principle of Composing Teskire in “Reminiscences” by Sadriddin Aini


Abdulloev Romezdzhon Kholmuminovich


The article under consideration dwells on the peculiarities of “Reminiscences” by Sadriddin Aini, including the method of chronicle writing in the relevant important literary source. In the course of considering the issues related to the theme explored, the author makes an endeavor to present Sadriddin Aini's critical writing activities after the publication of the book entitled "Pattern of Tajik Literature". One of the most important peculiarities of the former is the non-mentioning the names of some men-of-letters in both "Reminiscences" and “Pattern of Tajik Literature” that has been indicated by some other poets out of other literary sources. In particular, the method of chronicle writing the poets' names, pseudonyms, poetry, poems, relations of the speakers with the officials and etc. were underscored by the author in the article. The author of the article lays an emphasis upon the idea that “Reminiscences” by Sadriddin Aini is also of great importance in the textual heritage of the relevant period; it`s to be considered as a significant literary source as well.


“Reminiscences” by Sadriddin Aini, pattern of Tajik literature by Sadriddin Aini, method of chronicle writing, principles of tazkire composing, literary traditions, poetical competition, tahallus, poetic pseudonym


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Monday, 20 April 2020