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Functional Correlation of Meaning in Univerb


Savriniso Ganizoda


The article dwells on the analysis beset with a functional correlation of the semantics of polysemantic univerbs. In the course of the onomasiological analysis of polysemantic univerbs the author of the article considers the correlation of the latters and their semantic interpretation resorting to the well-known interpretational dictionaries, direct and figurative meanings of the components of univerbs, expression of onomasiological categories, actualization of thematic and rheumatic parts, emergence of semantic associations. In a nutshell, the author of the article comes to the conclusion that in the formation of the semantics of polysemantic univerbs, sometimes not one, but two or more initial units are used which are considered to be a logical continuation of each other.


functional correlation, polysemantic univerb, semantic interpretation, thematic and rheumatic parts, onomasiological basis and feature, initial unit, motivating unit


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Friday, 18 September 2020