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Comparative Analisys Beset with the Images of Women in “Shoh-Name” by Abulkosim Firdawsi and Abumansur Saolibi Nishopui


Rizoeva Rukhsora Burkhonovna


The subject of the study is a comparative analysis beset with bright female images in "Shoh-Name" by Abulkasim Firdawsi and the literary production under the same title written in Arabic by Saolibi Nishopuri being created in the XI-th century. The creation of female images in medieval lyrical and epic works of Persian-Tajik literature has an ancient history. Particular attention is paid to Firdawsi`s stylewhen reflecting women's images in "Shoh-Name" and the peculiarities of Saolibi's creative style in the course of translation of "Shoh-Name", as well as to the process of transmitting these materials in Arabic translation of the relevant literary production.Proceeding from the comparative analysis in regard tothe images of Faronak, Sindukht, Rudoba, Takhmina, Jarir, Farangis, Katoyun and others, the conclusion is made that Saolibi`s literary production and the style of his work in the process of translation of "Shoh-Name" as well as the very essence of creating a prosaic variant have certain criteria whose research is an important aspect of literary criticism and theory of translation.


“Shoh-Name”, Abulkasim Firdawsi, Saolibi Nishopuri, epic, images of women, Rudoba, Takhmina, Shirin, Sudoba


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Thursday, 17 September 2020