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Some Views Concerned with the Vocabulary (Stock of Word) of “Jahon-name”


Ghiyosov Nurullo Ismatovich, Kadirova Firuza Rustamovna


In their article the authors speak about the issue concerned with classification of the lexical structure of the fascinating geographical composition referring to the XIII-th century entitled “Jahan-Name” written as an accompanying treatise to the map whose author is Muhammad ibn Najib Bekran. Particular attention is paid to the language and methods of expression of the author, since these words play a significant role in determination of the vocabulary of the language referring to the end of the XII-th – the beginning of the XIII-th centuries. To sum it up, they come to the conclusion that the study of the vocabulary of the relevant geographical production can enrich the lexical composition of the modern Tajik language. Alongside with the indigenous words the composition also contains borrowed ones, most of which are Arabic. The given words were used already in the XIII-th century and entered the vocabulary of the Tajik language. An interesting peculiarity of the lexical structure of “Jahan-Name” is that most of the incomprehensible words are explained by the author himself by dint of selection of synonyms and notes concerned with the origin of the words, on the whole.


“Jahon-Name”, historical lexicology, onomastics, vocabulary of the Tajik language, indigenous and loanwords, the history of the Persian-Tajik language


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Publication date

Tuesday, 21 April 2020