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Some remarks on the textology of the poem <> by Khodju Kirmani the cyrillic script


Sameyev A.,Tadjiboyev Sh.G.


It is our view for the edition of the poem <<Humoy and Humoyun>> written by the outstanding poet of the XIV-th century Khodju Khirmani included into his <<Khamse>>  (<<Pendad>>). The text in Cyrillic script is prepared for publication by the officers of the state institution <<Khamol Khujandi Scientific Centre>> (Khujand, Tajikistan). It is underscored that before this edition lovers of the poetry were deprived of any opportunity to get familiarized with Khodju Kirmani’s <<Khamse>>. Khirmani is the second poet after Amir Khusrav Dehlavi (XIII c.) who wrote a fill answer to <<Khamse>> (<<Pentad>>) by Nizomi Ghandzhevi. The author of the article carried out a thorough collation of the poem transposed into Cyrillic script, with two its texts in Arabic script edited in Iran by Tajik literary critic Kamol Aini (Tehran, 1367 hijra) and Iranian scholar Said Niyaz Kirmoni (Tehran, 1370 hijra). Being proceeded from this ground, omissions, drawbacks, missing sequences were elicited by the authors of the article.


textology, history of the Tajik literature of the XIV-th century, creation of Khodju Kirmani, poem <<Humoy and Humoyun>, collation, literary criticism


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Wednesday, 24 February 2021