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Muhammad Saifiddinovich Osimi at the Post of a Minister of Education of the Tajik SSR: 1962-1965


Pulatova Munzifa Abdusattorovna


The article dwells on the activity of the famous scientist, academician Muhammad Sayfiddinovich Osimi when a Minister of Education of the Tajik SSR, who was appointed in this position in 1962. It is underscored that at that time elevation of general educational level of the people was an objective need of society. The country introduced compulsory eight-year, and then universal secondary education in the 60-70-ies. In her article the author discloses M.S. Osimi`s activity for the construction of both urban and rural schools, boarding schools for gifted children, organization of schools and extended-day groups, opening of the institutes for a development of teacher`s qualifications, and organization of exchange of experience with teachers from the best schools the country. The author of the article shows his work on organizing training and retraining of teachers, on expanding the contingent of teachers and students, on encompassing the girls of local nationality with education.


Muhammad Osimi, minister of education of the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic, eight-years education, day care groups, boarding schools, rural schools, girls` enrollment into studies


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Thursday, 17 September 2020