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Variety of the Types of Lexical Relationships between the Components of Structural in Belles-Lettres Text


Jumaeva Manzura Mamadovna


For the first time complicated and multileveled problems are studied in polyaspectual plane appertaining to the key theoretical issues of correlation between the units of linguoculturological contexts of poetry and their specificity under linguistic construing of expressively profound surface structures of a belles-lettres text. In genuine reality language structure is revealed only in these or those forms of its usage due to which selection is made being not one and the same for different situations of communication through language. Thus, concepts of diverse styles of language are created. The expounded material and its generalization can render a peculiar practical help when studying a specificity of a belles-lettre text stylistics in classes, both at lectures and seminars. Preserving deeply valuable linguo-specific cultural information belles-lettre language lays down a rich complex of knowledge each person ought to possess.


emphasis, mutual contact of units, lexical-grammatical oppositions, context, substantial dynamization, phases of corresponding problems, profound structure of rubai


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Friday, 18 September 2020