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Lexico-semantic peculiarities of phraseological units with component-numeral in tajik and russian languages


Dadoboyeva R.S.


The article dwells on lexico-semantic peculiarities of phraseological units with a piotal component-numeral in Tajik and Russian languages. It is elicited that words with the meaning of number play a great role in the formation of phraseological units. The main attention is paid to correlative analysis of Tajik and Russian phraseological units with a number-component. Designing on the premise of the analysis related to multitude of PhUs, the author comes to the conclusion that Russian phraseology includes a whole number of phraseologisms having very close imagery parallels in the phraseology of the Tajik language; the fact testifying to the closeness of Russian and Tajik peoples. At the same time it is underscored in the segments under study that there is a whole number of phraseologisms non-liable to sensible alignment by the endeavours to find interlingual phraseological equivalents and accordances; the fact speaking about national specificity of correlated PhUs.


PhUs with component-numeral, Russian language, Tajik language, correlative analysis, lexico-semantic peculiarities


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Wednesday, 24 February 2021