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Causative-Consequential Relationships in Compound Sentences in English and Tajik aphics in Russian and Tajik


Abidova Adibakhon Nasimdjonovna


The observation over the language material of both the English and the Tajik languages  testifies to the fact that causative – consequential relationships comprise the wide spectrum of the properties of expression. Traditionally the formers are connected with complex sentences. The article under consideration dwells on causative-consequential relationships which function in the compound sentences structure. The supervisions showed that in the compound sentences of both English and Tajik constructed by means of coordinative conjunctions such as: « and – va» and «but- ammo, vale, lekin» alongside with copulative and adversative relations of some additional causative-consequential shades of meaning can be observed which arise under the influence of lexical components of a  compound sentence and contextual conditions. 


cause, consequence, compound sentence, coordinative conjunctions, semantic shades of meanings


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Publication date

Tuesday, 13 October 2015