Journal number - 1

University in the Sysmem of Modern World Education

Dj. Kh. Djurabayev

Commercial-Diplomatic Relations of the Timurids with Foreign States

A. Saidov

Historical sciences and archeology

Diplomatic Relations between the Sefavids and the Shaybanids at the Beginning of the XVI-th Century

Kh. Kamolov, Kh. Seyedaliakbar

Historical sciences and archeology

The Thorny Way of Tajikistan Republic. The New Reality: Martyrdom of Sovereignty

Sh. M. Sultonov, S. Ya. Kobilova

Politics sciences

The Role of Mass Media in Tajikistan Republic of the Transitive Period

Dj. K. Yakubov

Politics sciences

Spiritual Culture of Asasi Tusi`s Epoch

D. Djurayeva

Philosophical sciences

Models of Management with Consolidated Finances in Integrated Business Structures

T.A. Kozenkova

Economic sciences

Formation and Development of Outward Economy Ties of Tajikistan Republic under the Conditions of Globalization

A.A. Boymatov

Economic sciences

Some Peculiarities of Competitiveness at the Market of Bank Services and their Distinctive Characteristics in Comparison with those ones of Commodity Market

A.O. Orifov, Z.R. Sirayeva

Economic sciences

Development of the Transformational Model of Agrarian Relations in National

D.D. Babajanov, S.R. Shakirov

Economic sciences

Investiture as a Factor of Agriculture Development of Tajikistan Republic

A.A. Oripov

Economic sciences

Factors and Tendencies of Further Development in Regard to Leasing Services in Russian Federation

N. A. Adamov, T.A. Penchykova

Economic sciences
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