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Valuable Study on the Historical Geography of Central Asia


Rahimov Nabijon Turdialievich


The review dwells on Nargis Jomievna Khojaeva’s monograph entitled “Historical Geog­raphy of the pre-Islamic Central Asia”. The reviewed monograph touches upon such issues as gene­ral review of the structure and content, assessment of an actualness of the problem, timely novelty of the publication. The author of the review emphasizes the validity of the localization of many toponyms contained in written sources on the contemporary geographical map of Central Asia. The reviewer points out certain minor omissions lacking in the monograph. In a nutshell, he makes a conclusion concerned with  Nargis Khojaeva’s valuable contribution into today`s study of originals.


Central Asia, historical geography, Avesta, toponyms, localization


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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

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