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Rare Source on Genealogy


Nasriddinov Fahriddin Abdumanonovich


The article is a complete and versatile characteristic of the book "al-Ansob" ("Genealogy") by Abu Sa'd Abdulkarim Sam'oni (1112 - 1166) being one of the most important and authoritative literary productions devoted to the science of genealogy in the mediaeval Moslemic world. After the definition of genealogy in its meaning  (nisba studies) the author adduces the description of the most significant sources of the science in question created before Sam'oni's epoch. There are specified the time of the book's being written, a description of its structure and contents, modes and principles of nisba interpretation are presented, the author gives information about all the editions of the work of Sam'oni, all sources and manuscripts of "al-Ansob" and etc. It is underscored that because of a big volume a number of fragments were reduced, those ones belonging to Ibn Asir, Djaloliddin Suyuti (the XV-th - the XVI cc.) inclusive.


genealogy, Sam' oni, "al-Ansob", nisba, written sources, reduction (talhis), translation, codicology, source


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Thursday, 23 January 2020

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