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Some Considerations Related to Loik Sherali`s Activity Concerned with Translation


Hamidova Nargis Sharifjohnovna


The author of the article undertakes an endeavor to analyze the translatory activity of one of the outstanding Tajik Poets of contemporaneity Loik Sherali; the patterns of Sergey Yesenin`s creation translated into Tajik being taken as examples. Proceeding from the translated poems and correlation of the paragons belonging to different men-of-letters, comparing diverse versions the author proves the undoubtful supremacy of Loik Sherali over others. Even such master of poetry as Aslam Adham concedes Loik. The author has conducted a scrupulous analysis of Tajik translations comparing them with Yesеnin`s originals presented with the fragments from his famous cycle “Persian Melodies”. She underscores the influence of Sergey Yesenin`s poetical manner over Loik Sherali`s creation. The conclusion is made that in the period of the 60-ies – the 70-ies Loik Sherali`s activity in the field of translation laid a bridge from the Tajik-Persian literature to the world one. Considerations related to the peculiarities of translatory experiments effectuated by Bozor Sobir and Mumin Kanoat are touched upon concurrently.


modern Tajik literature, belles lettres translation, Sergey Yesenin`s creation, Loik Sherali, “Persian Melodies”, Bozor Sobir, Mumin Kanoat


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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

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