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Grammatical Categories of Non-Finite Forms of Verbs in English and Tajik Languages


Ibraghimova Rano Abdushukurovna


The article dwells on grammatical categories of verbals in grammatical structures of English and Tajik languages. Grammatical categories in the system of verbals in English and Tajik languages present a complicated system. Infinitive, gerund, Participle I and Participle II are verbals of the English language. The verbal system of the Tajik language includes infinitive, participle and subparticiple. The researched verbals in the languages correlated have specific grammatical categories. The participle in both languages is characterized with the category of order in the Tajik language the indicated category of participle is three-membered, while in the English language this non-finite form is two membered.


nonfinite forms of verbs, verbals, infinitive, gerund, participle I, participle II, grammatical categories, category of order, category of aspect, category of tense appurtenance, category of voice


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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

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