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Functioning of Militia in Northern Tajikistan as a State Body of Tajik Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (ASSR) in the Period of 1924-1929


Khokiroyev Azimjon Yusupovich


The author of the article has conducted a historico-legal analysis of the activities of militia as a body of state power in the areas of Northern Tajikistan. The role of militia in ascertainment and revelation of crimes is disclosed, promotion of civil persons in maintenance of order is underscored. The order of training and upbringing of militia cadres is shown, characteristics are given in reference to the state of office record keeping in militia bodies; measures aimed at Soviet power consolidation, social and personal security of citizens in populated settlements of Northern Tajikistan in the period of 1924-1929 being nominated. The conclusion is made that at the time pointed the process of improvement of militia bodies activities took place being accounted for by relaxation of punitive policy and reppressions due to the final establishment of Soviet power on the territory of the republic. At this time the activities of militia bodies were rigidly regulated with legislation.


Northern Tajikistan, Tajik militia activities, NKVD (People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs), Revcom (revolutionary committee), Criminal Investigation Department, investigation of crimes


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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

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