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Some Consideration Concerning Attribution of Ainulkuzat Khamadani's Literary Productions


Zoirov Khalimjohn


The article dwells on the problem of attribution in the works by Ainulkuzat  Khamadoni. It is asserted that there is no unified opinion between the authors of mediaeval tezkires  and contemporary researchers. It is underscored that for attribution of the thinker's scientific-literary heritage and definition of the time of creation of the compositions it is necessary to invoke the genuine productions belonging to Ainulkuzat Khamadoni including such books as "Complaints of Stranger", "Preparations in Store", "Creams of the Truth" and "Letters". Proceeding from the analysis of the book "Complaints of Strangers", it is proved that the treatise "Lavoekh" ("Annals"), "Sharki Kalimoti Kassori Bobo Tohir" ("Commentaries to Lapidary Words Belonging to Bobo Tohir") and the treatise "Cognition of the Almightly" appertain to the works ascribed to Ainulkuzat Khamadoni.


Ainulkuzat Khamadoni, "Shikva al-Garib" ("Complaints of Stranger"), "Letters", "Tamhidot" ("Preparations in Store"), "Zudat al-Khakoik" (("Creams of the Truth"), "Lavoekh" ("Annals")


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2.    Khamadoni, Ainulkuzat. Letters. V.1. Under the editorship of Dr. Alinako Munzavi and Dr. of Afif Usayron. - Tehran: Legends, Myths, Fables. 1377 hijra. - 488pp.

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7.    Khamadoni, Ainulkuzat. "Complaints of Strange" and "Creams of the Truth". Preface, recension, research by Afif Usayron. Boris: Tree of the Bible

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Saturday, 29 June 2019

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