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Kholova F. F., Abdulloev I. R.


The article reviews and analyzes the issues of resettlement of residents of Kuhistoni Mastchoh (Mastchoh highlands) district to Dilvarzin steppe in order to develop the cotton growing industry in Tajikistan. The resolution of the 20th Congress of the CPSU (1956) “On the development of cotton growing in agriculture, especially fine-fiber varieties” forced the leaders of our republic to seriously think about resolving this issue. The following issues of carrying out agrarian reforms in the new Mastchoh district were studied and analyzed: problems and difficulties of developing new lands, adaptation of population and formation of a new economic and social way of life, training of highly qualified personnel in the field of agriculture, increasing incomes and other important factors of financial incentives for farmers. One of the features of resettlement of residents of Kuhistoni Mastchoh district in comparison with other regions of the republic was that the entire population of the region was resettled to new lands with their own economy and even geographical names. In the new district, newly created collective farms and residents of jamoats were settled in the same way as in Kuhistoni Mastchoh district. The study showed that as a result of the resettlement of residents of Kuhistoni Mastchoh district to Dilvarzin steppe, in a short period of time, many undeveloped lands were developed, and significant changes occurred in their economic and cultural life. Despite geographical, cultural and everyday difficulties, they made a great contribution to the further development of agricultural sector and, above all, the cotton growing industry, one of the highly profitable industries of that time.


undeveloped lands, migration, Matchinsky district, cotton growing, Dilvarzinskaya steppe, state and party body, labor activity, agriculture, irrigation and reclamation work


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Thursday, 16 November 2023