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Mirzoyunys M.


The article studies the life and work of Mullo Qurbonkhon Fitrat. It is noted that Qurbonkhon Fitrat was one of the famous poets of the second half of the 19th century and left a bright literary legacy. His collection of poems (divan) was not composed, but his works were preserved in commentaries (tazkire) and bayaz. The author of the article divides Fitrat’s creative path into two periods; the first period is the period of imitation of Bedil. The examples he gives from this period confirm the imitation of the Indian style. The ghazal with the rhyme "oinaro" is also written in response to Bedil's ghazal and demonstrates his skill in writing replies (nazir). The second period of Fitrat’s work can be called a period of simplicity of style, and folk expressions are mostly used in his poems. The author of the article comes to the conclusion that Qurbonkhon Fitrat was a talented poet of his time, who wrote his poems both in the Indian style and in the style of the common people.


Qurbonkhon Fitrat, commentary (tazkire), bayaz, lyric poem (ghazal), epic poem (qasida), quatrain (rubai), response verses, nazire, rhyme, imitation of Bedil, simplicity of style


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