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Azamov S.B.


The article shows the role of literary circles in the development of literature and Tajik literary thoughts. It is underscored that the development of poetry in literary circles referring to the late 19th andearly 20th centuries, especially in Sharifjon Makhdum Sadri Ziyo`s literary circlewas also influenced by literary critique of thisepoch. As evidence from literary sources, the author of the article adduces the examples ofpoetic gift testing, the results of poetry tournaments and poets` creative competitions, poetic model imitation, and response poems. In literary circles, which represented the literary tenet of the epoch, particular attention was paid to the study of the science of poetry, and the criteria of artistry in classical poetry being taken into account as well. The author carries out criticism of poetry in literary circles according to the criteria of literary criticism and poetic taste; at these meetings judgments were made aboutmerits and demerits of poetry. The conclusion is that the study of the history of literary circles, their traditions and customs, teachings about poetry is also important for our contemporaries.


literary circles of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, literary circle of Sharifjon Makhdum Sadri Ziyo, test of poetic gift, poetry tournament, competition of poets, imitation of a poetic model, response poems, “literary tenet of the epoch”


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Thursday, 16 November 2023