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Hamza Kamol (Kamolov Kh. Sh.), Niyozova A. U.


The articlereviews the key role of the well-knownorientalist, academician V. V. Bartold in the study of the Barmakids history, and considers this scientist one of the first researchers to study the history of this dynasty in the Soviet period. Academician V.V. Bartold considers the Barmakid’s dynasty to come from the Persians (Tajiks) of Balkh, who lived in Khorasan from ancient times, and from generation to generation they worshipped in Navbahar temple in Balkh. They made efforts to revive the ancient traditions of Iran during Islamic period and in the second half of the 8th century during the rule of Baghdad reign (caliphate), they applied the method of the Sassanids government. Regarding the temple of Navbahar in Balkh, academician V. V. Bartold has his own opinion and based on the information of historical sources, especially the information of Ibn Faqih and the Chinese monk Xuan Zang, the researcher comes to the conclusion that this was a Buddhist temple. According to V. V. Bartold, the Iranians, who were following the connection of the respected family of Iranian origin, i.e. the Barmakids, with the traditions of the Sassanid kings, therefore called the Navbahar Buddhist temple a Zoroastrian shrine; the construction of this temple was attributed to the Iranian kings of the ancient era, and the ministers of the Sasanian state were declared to be descendants of its great monks. V.V. Bartold mentioned at some level about the Barmakidsdynastyin his articles devoted to the history, politics, economy, and culture of Eastern Khorasan and Iran, and in this way, he had put the basis for the study of the history of the Barmakidsin the historiography of the Soviet period at the beginning of the 20th century.  


V.V. Barthold, Barmakids, Sassanids, Somanids, Khalid Barmaki, Yahya Barmaki, Fazli Barmaki, Jafar Barmaki, Harun-ar- Rashid, Balkh, Navbahar, Baghdad, Maverannahr, Khorasan, Iran, Soviet Union


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