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Bobobev Y.A.


The article presents information from the “Canon of Masud” by Aburaikhon Biruni about the holidays and significant days that the Persians adhered to in Zoroastrianism, studied by the method of comparative analysis. A comparative analysis of the information mentioned by Biruni was carried out with similar materials available in “Osor-ul-bokiya” and “Kitob-ut-tafhim”. The advantages of the materials contained in “Osor-ul-bokiya” are shown, it is emphasized that some information from the “Canon of Masud” related to the problem under consideration, despite their brevity, is not found in other works of Aburaikhon Biruni. It is also noted that in the “Canon of Mas’ud” Biruni not only lists the names, months and days of celebration of 34 holidays and significant days that the Persians celebrated while adhering to Zoroastrianism, but also in some cases provides unique information about the reasons for their appearance and transformation, and also about the rites and rituals associated with them.


Aburayhon Beruni, “Canon of Masud”, “Osor-ul-bokiya”, “Kitob-ut-tafhim” holidays, zoroastrism


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Wednesday, 17 January 2024