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Spiritual Regeneration and its Influence over Sanai’s Poetry


Solehov Mirzo Odinayevich


The article dwells on Sana Gaznevi’s spiritual regeneration and influence over the poet’s creative activity in the plane of changes concerned with the context of his poems. While characterizing the two periods of Sanai’s creative activity in the first of which he was an ordinary court versificator, it is underscored that the poet’s spiritual regeneration refers to the second one. It is marked that in the second period Sana created poems under the sway of Sufis and mysticists; thus he made a worthy contribution into the development of Sufi poetry.

Spiritual regeneration of the poet imparted genuine philosophico-mystical, moral-educational and upbringing edifying glamour to his creation. Lyrical images, artistic details of depiction, new notions and terms, new mode of transposition of contents generated a new perception of a belles-lettres word; all this preconditioned the birth of a new form of the word in question, both in prose and poetry that of Sufi mystical literature having no analogues.


Sanai Gaznevi, creative periods, change of moods, sufizm, misticism, Sufi poetry, contents


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Monday, 20 April 2020