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Polysemy of Composites of “Tatpurusha” Type in Bedil’s Poetry (on the example of the composites “Tajik word+Tajik word”)


Olimjonov Muso Obidovich


The article dwells on the polysemy of tatpurusha type composites in Mirzo Bedil’s poetry. Scholars-linguists came to the conclusion that in lexical compositions of the language word-meanings exceed the number of lexemes. In other words, many words are polysemantic. Proceeding from tatpurusha type compound words in Mirzo Bedil’s poetry, it is elicited that many composites in his poetry are of polysemantic character. After the study of the factual material and its correlation with the words from Tajik language dictionaries the author comes to the conclusion that the meanings of tatpurusha type composites used in the poet’s verses are not occurred in dictionaries being inherent in Bedil’s creation exclusively.


leveme, lexical composition, polysemy, Bedil, composite, tatpurusha, component, model


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Publication date

Tuesday, 21 April 2020