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The Connection between Multifunctional Auxiliary Elements of the Language of the Monuments of the X-XIII Centuries with Southern Vernaculars of the Tajik Language


Kurgonov Zohid Dehqonovich


The article dwells on the problem beset with the peculiarities of multifunctional auxiliary elements of Tajik dialects and their connection with the language of the heritage of their ancestors. On the basis of rich material from the literary productions belonging to the pen of the writers who lived in the X-th – the XIII-th centuries, geographical and historical monuments the author of the article proves that certain semantic nuances of multi-functional auxiliary elements are not used today in written speech, but are preserved in separate dialects as well. So, in the Middle Ages functional interchangeability of non-independent parts of speech, especially prepositions, was a common occurrence (the preposition ba instead of the prepositions bad, baroi). In the southern dialects of the Tajik language the use of the preposition va (the dialect version of the preposition ba is recorded instead of the preposition az. In a nutshell, the author of the article comes to the conclusion that in dialects there has been a limitation of the functions of some auxiliary elements, and, conversely, individual elements have acquired new functions.


interpretation dictionaries, dialect dictionaries, multifunctional auxiliary elements, primitive simple prepositions, conjunctions, particles, vernacular, semantic shades


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Tuesday, 21 April 2020