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On the Role of Similar Component in Complex Word-Building


Savriniso Ganizoda


The article dwells on complex words in the Tajik language system formed from the stem of the present tense verb and associated with the number of actively produced units. On the example of the similar components “andoz” and “gir” the author shows arising word-formation series performing an onomasiological analysis beset with complex words, a semantic correlation of components with the usage of extra-linguistic factors, onomasiological categories of words, topic coagulation and updating of the rhematic part being taken into consideration as well. It is determined that the participation of the same component, i.e. joining a similar component to another one, leads to the formation of a word-building series. The word-formation series of complex words that has developed with the components of “andoz” (hukmandoz, kadarandoz, kulukhandoz, koimandoz, sarandoz) and “gir” (magasgir, obgir, kohgazgir) reflects a wide range of lexical meanings of the relevant components. The manifestation of semantic connotations by similar components defines and establishes a new type of connection of the composite ones of complex words, in general.


analogical component, word-formation series, onomasiological basis, onomasiological attribute, onomasiological category, theme, rheme


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Monday, 20 April 2020