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On General Character of Use of some Kinds of Terms Designing Relationship and their Functional-Semantic Peculiarities in Languages of Different Grammatical Structures


Egamnazarov Hamza Haknazarovich


The article dwells on the nation-wide character of the usage of individual terms of relationship which are noted by well-known experts of the world and their multifunctional character in languages of different grammatical systems as well. Some terms of relationship of Uzbek and Russian languages are resorted to serving as an illustrative material. To sum it up, the author comes to the conclusion that by the nature of the expression of the degree of relationship they can be divided into two groups: 1) “close relationship”; 2) "distant relationship." In his article the author enumerates lexemes and phrasemes that are used in relation to persons whose family relationships are at the stage of oblivion. Particular attention is paid to the importance of study in regard to the terms of relationship in the languages of different structures as well.


terms of relationship, multifunctional nature, dialect dictionaries, inner family terms, expression of the degree of relationship, languages with different structures


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Thursday, 17 September 2020