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A new-stage of Kamol studies in Tajikistan


Mirzoyunys M. (Khojaeva)


The article dwells on the study dealing with the state of Kamol studies in  Khujand at the present stage.It analyzes the books published by the State Governance Office "Kamol KhujandiScientific Center" over the past five years. By classifying these books, the author of the article singles out information and bibliographic books, texts of poems, texts in conjunction with the research, publication of sources, translations of poems into other languages, studies on Kamoli Khujandi’s works. The article points to the achievements and shortcomings of the published books, including “Gift for Lovers”, “Azure Love”, “Love Notebook”, “Seventeen Flower Beds”, “Materials of the International Conference: Kamol Khujandi: Formation of Literary Studies and Literary Ties”, “Kamol in the Mirror of Anthologies”, “Kamol in the Mirror of Research”, “Kamol - the Great Master of Language”, “Bibliography of Kamol Khujandi ”and others. The author concludes that domestic Kamol studies in the country are a phenomenon of unprecedented development as well as the beginning of a new, more qualitative stage in them.


Kamol Khujandi, Kamol studies, Kamol Khujandi Scientific Center, bibliography, sources, preparation for publication, publication, research, text.


1.    Gift for Lovers. Selections and Translations of K.Khujandi`s Ghazals. - Khujand: Publisher, 2016. - 236 pp.

2.    Love Notebook. Selections and Translations of K.Khujandi`s Ghazals into German. - Khujand: Publisher, 2020. - 172 pp.

3.    Heavenly Love. Translation of K.Khujandi`s Ghazals into German. - Khujand: Publisher, 2018. - 48 pp.

4.    Kamol Being a Great Master of Language. Collection of Articles on the most Important Linguistic Issues Beset with KamoliKhujandi’s Poetry. Preparation, compilation and introduction of FiruzaKodirova. A series of books on Kamol studies. - V.4. - Khujand: Khuroson, 2020. - 272 pp.

5.    KamoliKhujandi. Divan in Tajik and Persian. Prepared by A. Surush. - Khujand: Khuroson, 2015. - 1292 pp.

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7.    KamoliKhujandi. Potion of Happiness. Under the editorship of FakhriddinNasriddinov-Khujand: Khuroson, 2015. - 1292 pp.

8.    KamoliKhujandi. Beauty Page. Selected Ghazals. Introduction, preparation, commentaries and Variant Reading of BakhromRakhmatov and OkilboyAkilov - Khujand: Khuroson, 2018. - 520 pp.

9.    KamoliKhujandi. Seventeen Flower-Beds. Translation of 17 ghazals of Kamoli Khujandi and 17 comments concerning him in 8 languages. Compiled by BakhromRakhmatov and FiruzaKodirova - Khujand: Khuroson, 2020.

10.              Kamol in the Mirror of Anthologies. Edited and commented by Izzatbek Shekhimov and Zohirzhon Yusupov. A series ofbooks on Kamol studies. - V.1. - Khujand: Khuroson, 2020. - 300 pp.

11.              Kamol in the Mirror of the Researches. Criticism of KamoliKhujandi in Western and Oriental studies (from the beginning to the 60-ies of the XX-th century). Translation, compilation, research, introduction and comments by Subhon Azamzod. A series of books on Kamol studies. VV.2/1. - Khujand: Khuroson, 2020. - 568 pp.

12.              KamoliKhujandi’s Bibliography. Catalogue of works, articles, sources on Kamol studies and publications of poetry. Compiled by the staff of the SI “KamoliKhujandi Scientific Center” and the Regional Public Library named after Toshkhoja Asiri. A series of books on Kamol studies. - VV.2/1. - Khujand: Khuroson, 2020. - 488 pp.

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14.              Kamol School. Prepared and compiledby BakhromRakhmatov and Shoira Olimova. - Khujand: Publisher, 2019. - 528 pp.

15.              Introduction to Kamol Studies: prepared by BakhromRakhmatov and Izzatbek Shekhimov. -Khujand: Publisher, 2015. - 504 pp.


Publication date

Wednesday, 24 February 2021