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On the Issue of Central Tyan-Shan Kyrgyzes Joining to Russia


Bokoyev Kanibek Seytakunovich


The author makes an endeavour to analyze the historic materials referring to the joining of the Kyrgyzes of Central Tyan-Shan (modern territory of Naryn province of Kyrgyzstan Republic) to the Russian empire; the issue being researched for the first time. Proceeding from the Russian-Chinese Chuguchak international protocol the author substantiates acceptable ways of the division of the Torugart-Ashuu frontier into two parts. He discloses consecutiveness of the events associated with Kyrgyzes joining to the Russian empire and creation of Cherics volost. The author gives information concerned with the activities of Karymshak-khan and Turduke-batyr. Designing on the premise of new factors the author expounds the information referring to the period of Russian penetration in the Kyrgyz land, stage by stage cessation of internecine collisions, creation of favourable conditions for people`s unison and the beginning of a long way to state independence. On the basis of concrete factors the author expounds distinctive features of Central Tyan-Shan Kyrgyzes` joining to the Russian empire.


tribes of Central Tyan-Shan, Chuguchak international protocol, joining to the Russian empire, Cheric volost, Karymshak-khan, Turduke-batyr


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Friday, 31 March 2017